John Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’ is now going to be used to stir up the imagination and creativity of a whole new generation.

Global human rights organization Amnesty International has announced that it will be synchronizing the lyrics of The Beatles’ best-remembered song with illustrations from award-winning artist Jean Jullien, to create a picture-book that aims to share its objectives about world peace.

The 1971 song presented John Lennon’s dream of a world devoid of war and suffering. Lennon and his wife were relentless campaigners for peace in the Vietnam-war era. The lyrics of the song are as relevant today as they were when Lennon was alive.

Jean Jullien also recently designed the Peace for Paris symbol, created after the Paris attacks last year to raise awareness about anti-terrorism.

Amnesty International feels that picture-books are an important tool in helping young people ‘understand humanitarian problems around the world and to develop empathy and confidence in them to stand up on behalf of others’.

Many adults who can still remember a book that shaped their world-view will agree.