With the World Cup now just two days away the hype surrounding the World’s most-watched event is heating up… In an ode to what is perhaps the World’s most-loved sport, Italian designer Edoardo Santamato has immortalized football’s greatest superstars onto some of the most iconic movie posters in cinematic history.

Based in Milan, the Co-Founder of Invasione Creativa really puts his creativity to the test for the new series. Flawlessly-conceptualized and superbly-created, each poster personifies the country it represents, with the most well-known star commanding the rest of the team.

Italy’s bad boy Mario Balotelli features on a poster inspired by Zack Snyder’s graphic blockbuster ‘300’. Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo headlines a ‘Pulp Fiction’- inspired poster with the tag-line ‘I’m not here to say please’! Most known off-the-pitch for inflated ego (and absolutely stunning better half) he is shown celebrating a goal in his signature ‘pumped fist’ style.

The US national team gets the ‘E.T’ treatment most probably signifying democracy (yawn). It could be argued that the reason no player was chosen to headline the poster is because US star forward Landon Donovan was not among the 23-man squad selected by manager USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann.

Japan goes ‘Godzilla’ signifying an invasion from the land of the rising sun, while host Brazil sees young prodigy Neymar step into Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’, with the tag-line ‘No Mercy for Visitors’.

Sylvester Stallone’s action flick ‘Rambo’ serves as inspiration for the Spanish side featuring Captain Iker Casillas. The defending champions are pictured as mercenaries ready put their life on the line to hold on to their precious title!

(See above for the whole series)