Born with a silver spoon in her mouth the rebellious Feeha Jamshed was quick to spit it out… The award-winning fashion designer is fast on her way to becoming a style icon complete with her own spin-off brand and all. Daughter of fashion pioneer Tanvir Jamshed (of TEEJAYS), Feeha is no stranger to shaking things up!

She walks into her office where we’d planned to meet with frenetic confidence. She’s fiddling with her MacBook Pro, pacing back and forth giving out last-minute instructions ensuring that for the 45 minutes of the interview she’s not available, her business doesn’t skip a beat.

20 minutes into our conversation it becomes apparent that these frantic hyperactivities emulate the pace at which her mind works. Obviously she’s stressed. But she does well to hide it. Calm as a cucumber, she proceeds to give us a little insight into the World of Feeha Jamshed.

“When I first got started in this business, people used to write me off as ‘the golden child’ because of my father,” she reflects. “A lot of that has to do with the fact that here brands are bought, not earned.”

Whilst it’s true that Feeha is as frenetic as the city she chooses to live in, she emanates an odd-sense of togetherness, and it becomes apparent that the confident rebellious traditionalist doesn’t let what other people have to say affect her…

“I design for myself. I like to produce things I would be comfortable in,” she says. “I’m in competition with me – not with anyone else. People here make it big overnight. The media is all you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours but I don’t believe in that. God gave me a talent – and I used it. I don’t have a formal education or anything, my dad simply threw me a bone and by doing so, trained me to chase something I always wanted.”

While there isn’t a shadow of doubt over her father’s influence in her professional development, it wasn’t until 2007 when she took over the reigns as TEEJAY’s Creative Director that she really had the platform to shine. But has she been successful at stepping out from underneath the TEEJAYS shadow?

“I was never really looking to step out to be honest. My father started in retail 40 years ago, and I’m very comfortable with him being my shadow and my sun,” she beams. “Also I think the FeeJay brand has a great synergy with TEEJAYS.”

Though much of that may have to do with the fact that she serves as Creative Director for both, Feeha insists the two brands boast very different styles.

“When I joined fashion, I joined to remind people who had conveniently forgotten that my Dad is the Godfather of the fashion industry not only in Pakistan, but the whole subcontinent. They would name other designer pioneers which compelled me to join by injecting new blood. If the designers at that time followed suit, we would have been a fashion packed retail industry today” says Feeha. “This drive pushes me to provide designer retail even today which is lacking.”

As our 45-minute window comes to a close Feeha checks her phone and waves to her friend outside, model and actress Mahira Khan who has been patiently waiting for her in the studio. As we say our goodbyes and proceed to make our way out of the building it dawns on me…

Feeha Jamshed is one of those fortunate people who didn’t have to work for anything, and could’ve still had everything. Instead she chose to do what she does best. Lead by example… and set a trend!