In the past, when the term ‘body art’ came to mind, people would initially think of piercings, tattoos or even mehndi. But in today’s society, the art form has dramatically evolved and become its own artistic movement captivating viewers from around the World. Artists who specialize in body art are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to decorate and display the human figure. This art form breaks away from traditional artistic mediums and uses the human body as its canvas, making it unlike any other form.

Many artists claim that it takes an average of one day to complete painting on a model and to photograph their masterpieces. A special type of paint has been developed that specifically allows colors to be applied to the body without becoming stiff or fading, but some artists prefer to use traditional acrylic paints. Most body art images aren’t heavily edited, to avoid distorting the human figure and the artwork itself.

When asked if he utilized Photoshop, body artist Craig Tracy replied “I do everything that I can to keep all of my images authentic and honest to the moment that they were painted, posed and then captured.” Authenticity is valued above all when it comes to body art as the artist is using a natural canvas (the human body), and therefore avoids creating artificial works.

Due to its growing popularity this artistic movement has been featured at numerous conventions, expos and festivals highlighting some of the world’s best art. Body artists’ portfolios are full of vibrant, creative and exotic images that cannot be replicated on a regular canvas — and that’s precisely what makes this art form so special!