Russell Peters is perhaps the boldest comedian of South-Asian origin. The 44-year-old funnyman who was born in Toronto to Indian parents was ranked the third-highest paid comedian in the world as ranked by Forbes magazine. He turned to stand-up comedy after reportedly being inspired by mentor George Carlin. He performed his first show in 1989. He was also a hip-hop DJ in the 90s.

Listed below are ten fun facts about the Asian sensation.

1. Russell Peters is managed by his brother Clayton. He also co-wrote Russell’s autobiography titled ‘Call Me Russell’.

2. In order to defend himself from bullies in school, Russell studied boxing.

3. Russell’s father Eric was a federal meat inspector back in Mumbai, India.

4. Russell was once the significant other of former Indian adult actress Sunny Leone.

5.In spite of his Indian roots, Russell is not a fan of Bollywood films or music.

6. Inspired by Hollywood rom-coms, Russell proposed to his now ex-wife Monica Diaz at Los Angeles airport. Later he announced the news of his engagement via Twitter and married his sweetheart in sin city Las Vegas.

7. Russell is not a fan of any organized religion. He was raised catholic by his parents Eric and Maureen. When speaking with Larry King he said, “I don’t talk about religion because I think people are a little weird about religion, especially nowadays, and I’m more of a science guy than I am a beliefs guy. I’m more into facts than I am beliefs.”

8. Back in 2007, Russell Peters was the first comedian to completely sell out the Air Canada Center in Toronto.

9. While speaking with the Huffington Post about “personal victories”, Russell was quoted saying, “First comic to sell out the O2 Arena. Did that five times. First comic to sell out Air Canada Centre. I did that five times. I set the records in Australia and England. Pretty much anywhere I go, I try to set records, and be the first to set records. Last time I was in Dubai, I outsold Madonna, ticket-to-ticket. These may not equal anything to anybody else, but they’re my personal victories.”

10. While speaking about Hollywood to Gulf News, Russell was quoted saying, “I don’t need Hollywood. With or without them, I’ll be fine. But I’ll admit it would be nice to have them on board. But it’s gonna be a while until they understand what I do. It’s kinda like high school. There’s the cool kids, the popular kids, and then there are kids who everyone likes, but the cool kids are so far up their own arses they can’t see anything past themselves.”