Once seen as the front runner to replace David Cameron, then immediately after Brexit like ‘a rat deserting a sinking ship’, Boris Johnson is now back in action in a new role – and it may be the worst case of miscasting the world has ever seen.

The decision by Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May, to appoint ‘BoJo’ to the choicest seat in her new Cabinet, that of Foreign Secretary, has sent ripples of disbelief in political circles, with many asking “Are the Brits having one on us?”

Johnson is one of the least politically correct politicians of all time. His comments on world leaders, fodder for tabloids, are stuff that could feed scripts of late-night comedy shows where no one safe, from Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin, who was nicknamed ‘Dobby the Elf’ by Johnson. He clarified though, that Putin was not ‘elfin’ in nature but “a ruthless, manipulative tyrant”. He won a prize for composing a highly-offensive poem about Turkish president Erdogan having sex with a goat. Even Hillary Clinton has not escaped his wild ‘humour’ with Boris referring to her as ‘a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital’ — if he’s ever at her mercy, Clinton is not likely to forget that!

Ordinary folks fare no better with Boris either. He has openly called foreigners ‘piccaninnies’ and ‘cannibals’. In the backdrop of this ‘decidedly odd’ behavior it’ll be interesting to see whether this man will ably handle post-Brexit UK foreign policy, or turn it into a laughing stock.