Ahmed Mohammed, the 14-year-old Muslim teenager from Texas, who created a furore when he was arrested and detained for bringing a clock he had invented to school, is going to move to Qatar. A teacher had mistaken the clock for a bomb, and Ahmed’s subsequent detention, being viewed as unfair treatment related to racial and religious bigotry, triggered outrage and the viral trending #StandWithAhmed that drew him worldwide support.

From the White house to Saudi Arabia, leaders, individuals, communities, businesses and educational institutions stood up for Ahmed.

According to the latest reports, Ahmed has been offered a scholarship and will be placed in the ‘Young Innovators’ program at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, where he is expected to complete his secondary and undergraduate education. Along with Ahmed, the rest of his family will also be relocating to Doha, as they feel the ‘American Dream’ has been a disappointing experience for them. After a recent visit, Ahmed described the modern city as “a cool place to live”.

Ahmed’s parents withdrew him from the Texas school shortly after the incident, feeling that the negative attitude of the administration could not provide healthy academic growth for their child. Officials in Irving, Texas, however, stood by their decision, saying that they had acted out of safety concerns for all students and their action was not directed by racial or religious bias.

Ahmed was invited to the White House where he met US President Barack Obama. He has also been spotted hobnobbing with the likes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, the Turkish and Sudanese Prime Ministers and Queen Rania of Jordan.