If Americans ever have to turn to deciders, Jon Stewart and The Simpsons are way up there in shaping public opinion, so Marge and Homer may actually become responsible for who takes charge of the Oval Office next.

The Simpsons (via 20th Century Fox), seem to have come to a rare agreement on an important issue — they’re voting for Hillary in the upcoming election.

A new standalone video titled ‘3 A.M’ released on YouTube will have you in stitches. Trump appears on it holding a copy of a book titled ‘Great Speeches by A. Hitler’. When Homer floats the idea of voting for him, Marge threatens it’ll be the last time he sleeps in her bed, sealing his fate as a Democrat.

The famous ‘3 A.M call’ which is a standard fishing line for both Republican and Democrat election campaigns, has some interesting twists in the video, ones that you’ll thoroughly enjoy, especially the part where Bill Clinton picks up the phone and realizes the colossal power shift that has taken place in his home. Hillary firmly puts him in his place (ultimate spousal revenge!) saying, “From now on, it’s always for me”.

Judging from the way it’s trending on social media, the huge hit from the typical American Family has nailed Election 2016 in a way no one else possibly could.

Check out the video above.