Guys let’s be honest, mothers would make for damn good spies… They’re always in the loop. They have their own informants, be it ‘Dolly aunty’ or ‘Pinky aunty’ or whoever. And they are hands-down, the best interrogators in the business! Now it appears, British intelligence agency MI6 has caught on. The world’s most famous spy outfit recently advertised vacant positions for ‘Intelligence Officers’ on the parenting website Mumsnet.

Would-be spies must ideally have a wide range of life experience, and candidates with creativity, empathy, insight and intuition will have an advantage in the selection process. The recruiters will be looking at applicants’ logical and analytical skills, but they want them to score high on the EQ as well as IQ tests. They also want persons who are ‘aware of the importance of discretion’.

Candidates will be based in London but there are bound to be chances for overseas deployment.

Spymasters are naturally keeping mum about the quantity of response the ad has generated but say ‘it’s positive’. Mumsnet has been receiving hundreds of  comments about the Situation Vacant though. One mum quipped that she would be an ideal choice because according to her “I’m very good at sitting quietly and taking in everything. And I can remember conversations word for word.”

But we knew that already.