Once regarded as the best of the best, Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho reached a new low in his career when he was sacked by Chelsea after the team’s dismal performance on Monday.

The English Premier League champions were beaten 2-1 by Leicester; a loss that left them just one point away from relegation and with no hope of retaining their title. This was the Blues 9th defeat of the season, all in all a pretty miserable show.

From the summer of 2013, when he took over as manager, till now, Mourinho seemed to be a man who knew exactly what he was doing. In April this year, he told a UK newspaper that he was “getting better at everything” related to his job, a boast that in hindsight seems to be an idle one.

As manager, Mourinho has always carried himself with a swagger that grabbed headlines and hooked brands. He has won league titles in Italy, Portugal and Spain, and has two Premier League wins, with Porto and Inter Milan, under his belt.

Though the parting has publicly been on amicable terms — Chelsea appreciating his efforts and Mourinho wishing them the best — the sacked manager later vented about his displeasure with some team members. He told Sky Sports that he “felt betrayed” by players who did not follow his tactical instructions, leading to losses on the field.

Like the proverbial phoenix, Jose Mourinho will most probably rise from the ashes of this disaster. He’s no stranger to misfortune. In 2013, he made a comeback from what he described as the worst season of his career, with Real Madrid. For a manager as experienced and competent as him, it’s only a matter of time before he finds his footing again.