There may have been many ‘closet gays’ in the British royal family if stories are to be believed, but Prince William (who is not gay!) scored a first by addressing the issue publicly and standing up for gay rights by appearing on the cover of the LGBT magazine Attitude.

William recently invited Attitude to his Kensington Palace home for an open discussion on ‘homophobic bullying’, talking candidly with nine LGBT members who were victims of this social evil.

In a statement to the magazine, Prince William asserted that “No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason.” He sympathized with people who have had to endure hatred and social ostracization because of their sexual orientation.

William’s appearance on the cover of Attitude, coming just days after the mass shooting incident at ‘Pulse’, a gay nightclub in Orlando, sends across a powerful message, and is part of a campaign that he is heading along with wife Kate Middleton and brother Prince Harry, about combating mental health problems.