It’s certainly one way of turning a visa rejection on its head, and refusing to let it spoil your vacation plans – even if the holiday was a honeymoon.

Huma Mobin of Lahore married Arsalaan Sever earlier this year, and the couple had their honeymoon in Greece planned down to a T, but had not factored in the possibility that only one of them might get the visa.

Since the holiday was already paid for, Arsalaan, who was refused permission to visit by the Greek border agency, insisted Huma proceed with the honeymoon plan without him (but accompanied by his parents, of course).

Not an ideal honeymoon situation one would think, but apart from missing Arsalaan, which each photo is about, Hina had a pretty fun time with her new in-laws.

Meanwhile, friends back home in Lahore were keeping an eye on Arsalaan, making sure he was looked after during his wife’s unconventional honeymoon.

Since the photos posted by Huma, illustrating how much she was missing her other half, have gone viral, drawing outrage at the ‘injustice’ of the denial of visa, she says she’s now hoping to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with another holiday, WITH Arsalaan this time!

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