A degree does not really define who you are, and you may have exceptional talent even without having gone to college. At least that’s what Penguin Random House, one of the biggest names in publishing, believes.

In an announcement last week, Neil Morrison, group HR Director at PRH, said that the company will remove the degree filter from its online job applications. They’re not even going to ask for A-level grades or UCAS points. The hiring will be based on how candidates come across in personal statements and interviews. The reason for this is that they want to attract and recruit talent from different backgrounds.

Morrison asserted that the people who could help and shape the future growth of the publishing giant may not necessarily be ones with good grades and impressive degrees. What they should have is talent and potential for innovative thinking. In today’s constantly changing world, recruits from different backgrounds will bring new perspectives truly reflective of the times.

The removal of the degree requirement may be a growing trend as companies realize the potential of young people who may not have had the resources or inclination to follow the trodden path through college. Last year, accountancy firm Ernst and Young also made a similar decision regarding their trainee application process, saying they’ll be relying on online test performances, without seeking academic information about candidates.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has already said it’s no longer using A-level grades in the selection process of graduates who are applying for jobs. It seems that the realization is sinking in that the best thinkers may not be the ones with the graduate’s cap sitting on their heads; it’s what’s inside that matters, and innovative thinking hardly ever follows the beaten track.