FIFA boss Sepp Blatter is fighting to keep his presidential hopes alive for a fifth consecutive term at the international governing body of the World’s most popular sport. According to Sky Sports, Blatter recently stood up to some European football heads at the FIFA Congress in Brazil citing comments against him as ‘offensive and unacceptable’. These included the heads of England’s Football Association (FA) and the Dutch FA.

The 78-year-old was quoted saying “I have had to accept a number of blows, but what I saw and heard at the UEFA meeting was the most disrespectful thing I have experienced in my entire life, on the football pitch and in my home.”

Despite allegations of corruption Blatter is expected to stand again for a record fifth term, since proposed changes on age and term limits proposed by his opponents were swiftly dismissed by the FIFA board. Though the candidacy period has not yet opened, Blatter has already expressed his desire to run again.

He has voiced his continual support for FIFA, and suggested improvements to the beautiful game, such as manager reviews of referee decisions based on television replays (similar to cricket).

Blatter has stated that his ‘mission’ is not yet over and that a ‘better’ FIFA can be put together as the foundation has already been laid. Though, he has said it is a tough task and a big responsibility on his shoulders he is willing stand by FIFA for as long as he is needed.

Blatter’s term as FIFA President ends on June 29th next year.