Jay Kornegay, Westgate Las Vegas sports book director says, “Outside of the Super Bowl, this could be the single biggest wagering event we’ve ever had.”

This is of course the fight we have all been waiting for… Floyd Mayweather from the MONEY TEAM aka Mr. Money Mayweather is all set to fight pride of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd later this year. The bout is loomed to be the most hotly-anticipated event in the history of the sport and the showdown is officially locked as the richest in boxing history. It will once and for all settle the debate of ‘Who is Boxing’s No.1’ and who is ‘The King of this Era?”.

Fancy a ticket to the iconic fight at the MGM Grand? Well, think again. The $250 million bout wasn’t dubbed the richest fight in the history of this sport just like that… the fight sold out 15 minutes after confirmation. The tickets, well, let me put it this way, if you didn’t pick them up in the first 15 minutes, you f*cked up! The tickets are already being flogged on ticketnetwork.com for $26,500 for a ringside seat and $5060 for the “cheap seats”. Some fight huh?

This would be remembered as the most highly-awaited face-off after Muhammad Ali faced Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden. Mr. Money and the Pride of Philippines have a lot to prove. This fight will cement the winner’s name as the BEST OF THIS ERA. We can’t wait for May 2; it will be the sort of fight we’d be telling our children about for the next 10 years.

Floyd Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 professional fights; Pacquiao has 57 wins and 5 losses from 64 contests.

Who will win? Discuss in the comment section below and LET THE SPECULATIONS BEGIN…