Since the brand first came into existence in 1964, there has been a never-ending debate among sports fans and shoe enthusiasts about how the word ‘Nike’ should be pronounced. Named after the Greek winged goddess of victory, there are those who pronounce it how it’s spelled while others simply choose to pronounce it as ‘Ni-key’.

How would you best settle the debate? Ideally, the only logical solution would be to ask someone at Nike Inc. But who to ask? Hmm… How about Mr. Philip Knight, Chairman of Nike Corporation himself?

In the latest news to take the web sphere by storm, UK-based Kendal Peters and Ben Parker finally have our answer. In a politely-written correspondence sent to Mr. Knight at his corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon the two creative advertising students ask him to ‘settle a score that will in turn answer one of life’s big unanswered questions’.

An audacious move by an audacious duo… But to borrow a line from Italian clothing company Diesel ‘Be Stupid For Successful Living’. In a surprising turn of events Mr. Knight reportedly replied to the two, and the correct answer is… ‘Ni-key’!

Of course, it probably helped that the letter was sent in a prepaid addressed envelope so all Mr. Knight had to do was literally ‘circle’ the correct answer and send it right back.

Still, kudos to the two young curious minds that had the balls to cut through the bullsh*t and just ask the Chairman of one of the biggest sporting brands in the world, for the right answer.