Man has been to the moon and back, yet the focal point of single-life in Pakistan seems to revolve around the notion of marriage.

From overweight rishta-wali aunties with countless pseudo potential prospects to family members trying to “fix you” with someone or another on a perpetual basis, this is one facet of life in Pakistan that never seems to get old.

Welcome to the third generation of the “oh-so-cool kids”! We’re amazing, and we certainly don’t need any form of validation on that front. So isn’t it only fair that the person who promises to love us “till death do us apart” should be worthy of such amazement? Well welcome to! No, that’s no spelling error – you read it right the first time. is a forum where you can find someone who will love you for YOU and not your daddy’s bank balance or you fabulous foreign degrees. Want to meet someone as passionate about hiking and paragliding as you are? Or maybe you are a socially-conscious feminist who wants the kind of guy who will respect you for your views, and not “try to put you in your place”. At every cry, qualm and doubt that you may have ever had with even the broadest notions of marriage is addressed. The platform even goes so far as to list three or more negatives that you simply DO NOT want in a future spouse.

If you believe that thirty is the new twenty (because let’s face it, not everyone does) then Hipster Shaadi is your one-stop-shop to finding “your perfect soul mate”. At, they understand relationships can be complicated… But offers you a guarantee even the most well-connected rishta-wali aunties can’t provide…

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