According to a recent report published in The Guardian, it turns out rare whisky outperformed other investments including gold in 2015.

The Rare Whisky Apex 1000, the leading index for scotch whisky, rose by 14% outperforming gold which declined by 10%, as well as many of the world’s leading equity indices. According to the report, interest in whisky as an investment has steadily grown, partly fuelled by collectors in east Asia.

“The Japanese whisky market boomed last year, with the Rare Whisky Karuzaiwa Index rising by nearly 75% in nine months. Bottles that sold for £350 12 months previously fetched more than £3,000 when they were resold. However, the boom tailed off at the end of 2015, when the index fell by 6% as prices for Japanese whisky pulled back, reflecting the overheated nature of the market.”

According to Hypebeast, out of the ten most desirable whiskies in the world, seven belong to distilleries that have since shut down making the already rare even more desirable.