So everyone’s inquiring about when you’re going to tie the knot and settle down, now that you seem ‘settled’? Getting married may seem like the blissful state all your friends and relatives are swearing about, but beware; chances are they probably envy your fancy-free and footloose lifestyle, and this is their way of enticing you into the trap they themselves are stuck in. Of all things in life, marriage can be the most ‘unsettling’ experience, so go in with eyes wide open.

Making room in your life for another person literally means that — making room. That’s to say your personal space is likely to shrink drastically the moment you say “Qubool hai”. If you’re the kind of person who freaks out at seeing a second toothbrush in your bathroom, you better think again; bathroom, bed, desk, apartment, all will become shared property.

Having a grand wedding means accepting you’ll probably be in debt for life, unless parents are footing the bill, which means they will, probably the worse scenario, since you’ll end up being guilt-ridden for a long, long time. The huge amount of moolah that has to be thrown around at Pakistani weddings is an investment with no return whatsoever, as all the guests are going to be gossiping about what’s not there instead of what you came up with in terms of entertaining these thankless beasts. Money has to be thrown around like there’s no tomorrow but tomorrow you’re going to wake up to an empty bank account.

The number of relatives to be appeased after marriage certainly doubles, and can sometimes triple or even quadruple. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries hound you all the days of what’s left of your life.

You’ll probably have a jealous or possessive (can’t say which is worse) partner watching over every move. You can kiss goodbye nights out with friends. At first you may think it’s cute getting messages every five minutes from your ‘loving’ other , but two years into the marriage, it loses its charm.

You’ll be expected to reproduce. As if having to share space with one wasn’t enough, you’ll have to think of a ‘threesome’, with pampers and feeding bottles taking up any spare inch that’s left in your life.

So before you commit, be sure you’re committed enough to run the whole marathon!