The treatment of animals and the state of healthcare for them in Pakistan is precarious to say the least. That being said, good things are happening and there are many people and organizations that are spearheading initiatives and taking action to help stray animals and pets alike. One of these organizations is the Animal Care Association of Pakistan (ACAP).

Founded in 2011 and based out of Islamabad, ACAP is a non-profit organization that “aims to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals on a national scale.” It has grown to consist of 150+ active team members with 950 volunteers (including specialized veterinarians) spread across different cities in Pakistan, creating a national network that’s ready and capable to help.

ACAP works towards five main objectives: rescuing animals; sheltering them (for life if need be); feeding and fulfilling their nutritional requirements; medical care; and spreading awareness. Their website features several projects ranging from animal shelter and rehabilitation, to feeding strays. Not only this, the ACAP Facebook page is quite remarkable. They post stories and updates of animals in need and ones they’ve rescued, facilitate the adoption of pets and strays, and send response teams when people post about injured animals.

Currently, ACAP is accepting donations and has created a campaign on the crowd-funding site GoFundMe. Donations will go towards building a state of the art, sustainable facility capable of sheltering animals and rehabilitating them. Visit their Facebook page and donate if possible as this will go a long way in helping them make their dream of helping pets and strays across Pakistan, a reality.