From heartbeat to pulse, responding to rhythm is an integral part of being human – and if music is food for the soul, then no one deserves to go hungry.

In a historic first for Pakistan, Coke Studio has taken an incredibly empathic initiative to broaden its reach by including in its audience, those with either impaired or total hearing disability.

Preparing to launch Coke Studio Season 9, Coca Cola is collaborating with the Deaf Reach School and Training Centre to create a custom-built environment, using advanced modern technology developed in China, that will enable the deaf to be able to experience the melodies created in the future episodes.

Coke Studio For The Deaf is aiming to eventually reach nearly 9 million viewers in the country who are either completely deaf, or have some degree of hearing impairment. It will, in a specially designed environment with purpose built seats, provide a musical experience
that is synchronized with lights and vibrations, giving the audience a realistic feel for the beat and vocals of the songs, visuals of which which will be projected on a screen.

The Chinese prototype is already being used successfully in Thailand. A group of students and faculty from the Deaf Reach School recently visited Bangkok to learn more about it, and it’s going to be integrated into the system here very soon.

Richard Geary, the Deaf Reach School’s Director, was very appreciative of the milestone achieved with Coca Cola’s support, saying it would help in ‘creating enabling opportunities’ for those who often feel marginalized and even excluded from mainstream social activities
because of their disability.

Check out the official video above.