Chelsea ace Frank Lampard has been let go by the Premier League club, and is now a free agent heading into the World Cup. The 35-year-old midfielder has been at Stamford Bridge for most of his career, winning three Premier League titles, a UEFA Champions league, four FA Cups, two English League Cups and a Europa League title.

Having been at the club for 13 years Lampard has formed a strong bond with fans, and has also served as club Captain on more than one occasion. He famously captained the Blues to their first historic Champions League victory two years ago, against a relatively strong Bayern Munich. Lampard and veteran defender John Terry served Chelsea as elderly statesmen, guiding younger players into the light.

In a shocking turn of events, Terry has been given one-year contract extension by manager Jose Mourinho. Surprising, considering ‘The Special One’ once hailed Frank Lampard as ‘the best player in the world’.

Lampard has the distinction of scoring the most goals (211) for Chelsea and due to his countless contributions to the club, has often drawn comparisons to Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard. ‘Stevie G’ has been with the Reds for his entire career and since becoming captain in 2003, has become an inspirational leader both on and off the pitch. He was one of the key players responsible for their memorable Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul in 2005.

In addition to Lampard, experienced defender Ashley Cole, back-up goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and prolific striker Samuel Eto’o are all names that reportedly appear on the ‘released players’ list submitted to the FA.

But being released doesn’t necessarily mean Lampard’s Chelsea future is over. It’s possible he may return to the negotiating table after his performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Not the mention the other Premier League clubs that may also be interested in bringing him on.

The World Cup in Brazil will be Lampard’s platform to prove to his fans, Mourinho, Hodgson and the rest, that he’s still here and he can still play with the best!