The tremors of the Brexit earthquake are still being felt. The Scottish people appear pretty miffed at the result of the referendum, because despite an overwhelming majority of them voting to ‘Remain’, it seems they’ll be dragged out of the European Union by their fellow countrymen — but they’re not about to go down without a fight.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that the Scottish Parliament will definitely consider vetoing the move to quit the EU, or, if Westminster remains obstinate on it, to withhold consent for the legislative moves necessary to implement Brexit. Scotland has even threatened to hold a second referendum regarding independence from the UK, a move that flustered Boris Johnson, who pleaded that ‘there’s no need to break up Britain over this’.

Whether it will break up or not, Britain has certainly become more polarized than ever because of the referendum. In the troubled scenario after the shocking result, the poll has unleashed a wave of resentment among the ‘Remain’ voters – mainly the younger and more educated residents of the UK, as well as those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, all of whom feel cheated into a decision that will negatively affect their future.

How the imbroglio will unfold is difficult to predict, but it’s definitely going to be an unpleasant roller coaster ride in the months to come.