David Beckham may share more in common with NBA legend Michael Jordan than just the number on his jersey. ‘Becks’ is reportedly suffering from a case of the blues since retiring from the beautiful game after a short spell with French giants Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

According to an upcoming BBC One documentary, the withdrawal symptoms are getting to be too much for the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, who reportedly feels like getting back into his football gear whenever he sees NBA athletes perform. Michael Jordan went through a few retirements himself, and his later comeback included a stint with the Washington Wizards, a team he also owned.

Beckham is the proud owner of a Miami-based Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team and may even pull ‘a Jordan’ by taking to the pitch while playing boss at the same time. Clearly there’s a lot more oil in the former England Captain’s tank. It could also be possible the World Cup hype is reminding him of his days as one of football’s greatest.

Beckham’s spell with PSG in the French Ligue 1 was a decent one in which he amassed a total 14 appearances in league and domestic cup competitions. Despite being 39-years-old, he may still be able to make a few appearances on the pitch, just like his ’92 classmate Ryan Giggs did at Old Trafford.

It’s exciting to hear Beckham reminiscing about his golden days and thinking of a comeback. According to him, there hasn’t been a ‘player-owner’ in football’s history… Here’s hoping he’s the first one!