Barack Obama has, throughout his presidency, been anything but conventional. When it’s about issues that are close to their hearts, the US President and First Lady Michelle have gone to amazing lengths to raise awareness and bring about change.

In a programme aired on NBC this week, President Obama ‘starred’ in an episode of ‘Running Wild’, a popular show about wildlife and the great outdoors, featuring survival expert Bear Grylls. The objective was to make people realize how climate change is affecting our planet.

The programme was shot on location at Alaska’s Exit Glacier, which is melting due to rising temperatures. Grylls and the president trekked together for a day, stopping for an odd (for Obama) lunch of a half-eaten salmon left by a bear on a river bank. Obama said Grylls’ cooking skills were ‘mediocre’, but he was glad the food was not as outlandish as some of the things he had seen his host eating on previous episodes he had watched.

Bear Grylls found the president a pleasant companion — he ‘lit fires, ate berries and shared his water bottle’ — who took the trek in his stride. He said he had been surprised when the request for the programme came from the White House, thinking it to be a prank call.

The trek was not exactly a rendezvous for two, though, what the cameras didn’t show were the snipers, the 50 Men in Black (Service Personnel), one food taster, and the helicopter that accompanied the President.

But hey, as long as it’s all for a good cause, viewers aren’t complaining.