Amir ‘King’ Khan may finally see his wish come true in taking on World Heavyweight Champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Jr. but if the latest reports are to be believed, he may end up getting more than he bargained for…

According to the DailyMail, ‘Money’ Mayweather may agree to the fight just to ‘shut the kid up and put him down’. Mr. 47-0 was quoted saying, “My Dad doesn’t like fighters trash talking to his son – but he knows as well as I do that if the fight happens – then I am going to punish him. If he thinks he can trash talk me and get away with it he needs to think again.”

Khan has long been vying for the opportunity to take on Mayweather but as with any World Champion, you gotta get in line! According to ESPN, the British-Pakistani boxer allegedly stated that Mayweather is ‘afraid’ and if recent statements are anything to go by, things now seem to be getting personal.

But Mayweather may still accept the challenge, if for no other reason than just to put on a show. Apparently even his father is ‘desperate’ for the fight to happen. Boxing fans would have witnessed the dream bout earlier this year, as Khan was officially voted top choice to face the reigning champion. However, Mayweather opted to fight Marcos Maidana instead. That same night Khan was also successful in his bout against former World Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz.

“I have always said that nobody has any right just to get a fight with me. I am nobody’s pay day, I am nobody’s meal ticket. I take fights that I believe will test me, and will put on a good show for the fans,” Mayweather added. “I ain’t ever taken a fight just because somebody has been running off their mouth. If Khan gets his fight – it will be because I think he deserves a shot.”