Located along Korangi Creek, AMANTECH is a state-of-the-art Vocational/Technical Training Institute established by The Aman Foundation. The impressive facility boasts 14 computer labs, 23 multimedia-equipped classrooms and 18 technical training workshops to ensure quality training for the under-served youth of Pakistan. With an enrollment of 3000 students-a-year, the institute offers globally recognized City & Guilds (UK) certifications in 11 different trades.

The idea of AMANTECH was conceived to address the growing issue of unemployment in Pakistan by targeting those segments of society that lack access to high-quality education and professional training. The program seeks to provide them with employable skills through vocational and technical training. Upon graduation, students are assisted with employment opportunities in Pakistani companies or in some cases even placed in jobs internationally, by a dedicated Industrial Liaison & Placement department. The department works directly with companies such as Toyota and Dawlance to identify the specific needs of the job market, place graduates for employment and collect feedback in order to constantly improve the program.

As if that wasn’t enough, the core of what AMANTECH does can be found in their ‘Soft Skills’ department where students are provided basic etiquette training and soft skills best described by Mr. Ali Samir, Manager – Strategy & Program Development. He says, “All students studying at AMANTECH are taught in English.  Furthermore, all students are provided with Microsoft Office training and soft skills where we teach them the following: How to speak to women, why is it important to speak to them as such. How to address superiors. Why we address them in this way. How to eat at a dining table. How to wear a suit and tie. The list goes on… We are not only educating to create better or more highly-skilled employees. Instead we want to create better citizens and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed in this world.”

AMANTECH is doing some remarkable work and believes in a systemic, scalable and sustainable approach to social development. It hopes to establish a Wo-Tech (Skills/Training Institute for Women) similar to AMANTECH in the near future, and while doing so set an example for others to follow…

AMANTECH is striving for a better future; and training for a better Pakistan!