Playboy magazine has announced that from next year, it will stop publishing nude photos as part of its re-design plan. The American owners of the magazine say that the proliferation of porn on the internet has made nudity redundant. Magazines with pornographic content are no longer making the profits they used to, because voyeurs just need to click to get any kind of content they want for free.

According to The New York Times, Playboy has been ‘overtaken by the changes it pioneered’. The magazine’s chief executive, Scott Flanders, declares that pornography is ‘just passe at this juncture’, as the shock-factor has dwindled away.

Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, and reached peak publication in the 70’s, but now, from 5.6 million, the numbers have been decimated to just 80,000. The publishers think it is high time for an image revamp.

In past years, Playboy used the ploy of inserting interviews with culturally relevant figures like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Jimmy Carter to become more socially acceptable, but the practice was dropped along the line.

The Playboy website has already closed its doors to nudity, gaining access to popular public platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and web traffic for the magazine is promising, having quadrupled in recent years.

In cleaning up its act, Playboy is trying to sweep away charges of salaciousness and gain across the board popularity as a magazine that will be picked off the shelves by divers readers.

The magazine will still feature models who are dressed provocatively, but ‘dressed’ is the key word!