The reversible, rectangular wristwatch introduced by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1935, had a very practical reason behind its invention. It was designed, during the days of the British Raj, to protect the dial-face of the watches worn by cavalry officers from being smashed by polo balls, the sport being very much en vogue at the time.

Since then, the Reverso has remained a bestselling timepiece, and has become an icon and a collector’s item in horological circles. For the Reverso’s 85th anniversary, the Swiss watchmaker has released a special edition.

The stylishness of the Reverso, in both the monoface and duoface, has been amplified in the Tribute anniversary model, which is a bigger version of the watch, available with fully automatic movements.

While keeping the basics like the art-deco style of hands and dials, as well as the one-of-a-kind face, Jaeger-Coultre will also cater to special orders from customers, for favored dial and strap colors, and personalized engravings.