Talk about making a dumb choice — we in Pakistan are not the only ones doing so (consistently), it seems. According to reports, Google Trends shows that many of the UK residents who voted for an exit from the EU, actually have no idea what it actually is.

Some of the most frequent queries that have cropped up on Google’s search engine in Britain since yesterday were, “What is the EU?” and “What happens if we leave the EU?”. Rather late in the day to find out, one would say, after the residents of the country have already made the decision that sent shock waves across the globe.

In interviews, many Brits who voted for the ‘Leave’ option seemed clueless, or rueful, or mortified about what they had unleashed, some saying they never expected to win.

Incidentally, there was over a hundred percent spike in UK searches for ‘getting an Irish visa’, and ‘moving to Gibraltar’. So after ‘Leave EU’, is it possible that after realizing the impact of the Brexit referendum, the next move for UK residents could be ‘Leave UK’?