In traditional herbal medicine, ginger is known as the ‘magic stem’ – a name it deserves as it’s one of the most potent weapons mankind has been given by Nature to fight against illness.

Ginger boosts up the immune system with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic properties. Nothings beats it as a digestion aid, and it’s a known cure for respiratory ailments like asthma.

The essential oils in ginger – zingerone, shogaol and gingerol – give it the distinctive aroma and flavour that make it such a popular culinary spice.

Infused tea is the most favoured way of adding ginger to your diet. Whether you just add a piece of ginger to boiling water and make black tea, or make proper ‘adrak chai’ by simmering the ginger, tea and milk together, you can reap the benefits of the ‘magic stem’ while enjoying its unique flavour.

Traditional medics vouch for ginger tea, saying it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps improve circulation, and relieves all kinds of muscular pains.