Since the dawn of time, man has challenged himself to ridiculous feats of eating. Sometimes, he gets a t-shirt on the wall. Other times, he gets his name in a record book for wasting ridiculous amounts of food in the name of glory. And heart disease, probably.

Restaurants, take-out venues, canteens, chai dhabas, hotels are everywhere you turn, and the variety of foods that we are now exposed to has grown exponentially in the last few decades. From turning food into an art form to instagraming your delicious berry oatmeal in its mason jar, food has taken on new meanings in today’s age.

Take a look at some of the biggest, most delicious, mouthwatering foods made in the world as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

A sincere apology if this makes you hungry.

World’s Largest Chocolate Coin
The world’s biggest chocolate coin coming in at a massive 658kg (1,450lbs 64oz)!  With the average Cadbury chocolate bar weighing in at just under 42g (that’s almost 500 times  the amount  of a regular sized chocolate bar),the delectable coin was presented at the Ciocco Show Exhibition in Bologna, Italy.


World Largest Cheesecake
In a magical feat that made housewives the world over desperate to go to rural New York, Duff “Ace of Cakes” Goldman descended on Lowville’s Cream Cheese Festival to create a 6900lb monster of sugar, cheese, and graham crackers that represented a world record.


Biggest Ice-Cream Scoop
A whopping 733 containers worth of strawberry ice cream (equal to the length of a football field) were carved into a gigantic scoop, by five nationally-ranked snow sculptors. The Guinness World Record-setting Ice Cream Scoop weighed-in at a scrumptious 1365kgs (3,010lbs).


Largest Peanut-butter cup in The World
Combining more than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter, Vermont (USA) candy shop owner Nick Monte took on the delicious task of making the world’s largest peanut butter cup in 2013.

Its inner layer of milk chocolate was poured into a mold by hand, and then filled with a creamy peanut butter filling. The peanut butter cup came to a humongous 1.5m (59.1/2in) in width, containing 32kg (70lbs) of chocolate and a massive 72kgs (159lbs) pounds of peanut butter. Now that’s what you call dessert!


Largest Samosa
The largest vegetable samosa ever made comes in at a delectable 110.8kg (244lbs 4oz) and was created by Bradford College in partnership with award winning restaurant Prashad, in the United Kingdom back in 2012.


World Largest Deliverable Pizza
At 4.5×4.5ft, this pizza requires a customized delivery vehicle just to send it to your house. It’s enough to feed a family of 20 or 200. These are MASSIVE!