Once in a while one really craves a mind-blowing milkshake. But what really is a mind-blowing milkshake?

To each his own I guess but for me it’s really quite simple; I like my milkshakes freezing cold, served in a nice big glass, extra thick and downright delicious! Unfortunately, I am yet to find a milkshake I can truly call “mind-blowing”. Either they are too watery or just don’t have the flavor profile one is looking for. However, there have been a few close contenders… Listed below, I present you with my picks for the five best milkshakes in town:

Butlers Chocolate Café – Vanilla Espresso

Probably my favorite at the moment, the Vanilla Espresso milkshake at Butlers Chocolate Café is very, very good. When ordering, make sure to ask for a “double shot” in order to enjoy this drink for what it really is. With the right consistency and excellent flavor the Vanilla Espresso is a standout among all others on the menu. Butler’s does a good job with their other options as well with another notable mention in the Traditional Chocolate shake.  The only down side is that the serving size is way too small!

Johnny Rockets – Strawberry Milkshake

The international franchise has earned respect worldwide over decades for having some damn good shakes. They seem to have brought this reputation to Pakistan and offer a great variety of delicious flavors. Having tasted all of them I would recommend the Strawberry for starters. The straws are right and the size too, however, sometimes the viscosity is inconsistent and as such can randomly disappoint.

Hot Spot – Cold Coffee

Hot Spot is a local staple and has done a great job for many years. From the unbeatable cold coffee to the delicious chocolate shake, Hot Spot delivers every time.  Better when consumed at the venue itself, the milkshakes tend to hold their own when compared to almost any other. Personally I would love it if Hot Spot could get some thick milkshake straws soon!

Baloch Ice Cream – Chocolate/Cold Coffee

An old school ‘desi-shake’ the Baloch ice cream milkshake is probably the most unique. With locally made ice cream and at times excess sugar, the shake brings back many childhood memories with friends and family. With the Cold Coffee arguably being the best in town, their chocolate shake is pretty damn tasty too! Being as cheap as it is, Baloch ice cream is a great alternative for students on a budget.

Movenpick – Swiss Chocolate

If craving a premium milkshake experience look no further than Movenpick. The ice cream is smooth, creamy, and extremely flavorful resulting in an absolutely delicious milkshake experience. The drink will surely put a dent in your pocket, but is definitely worth a try if you like milkshakes. The ingredients used are so good that regardless of whichever flavor one chooses, the consistency of the drink always remains the same.