Mothers have long known that propping up a light pillow behind a sleeping child will result in a more restful slumber. Now, science is not dismissing, but backing the theory, saying it’s applicable to adults as well, especially those struggling with insomnia or other stress-related sleep disorders.

Though it’s certainly not a ‘miracle cure’, and the results are more about easing the symptoms rather than solving deep-rooted problems, for those who are wary of continuously swallowing pills for anxiety, the ‘weighted blanket’ is worth a try.

Occupational therapists recommend blankets which are ‘weighted’ by poly plastic pellets that are evenly distributed throughout the cover, for patients who suffer from anxiety and sleep deprivation. As studies show, sleep deprivation can cause serious mental and physical health problems.

The ‘deep pressure stimulation therapy’ given by the blanket is something which experts say, anyone can benefit from because its effect is similar to a relaxing massage.

When the weighted blanket exerts pressure on your body, it encourages production of serotonin – a chemical that affects moods, digestion, sleep and memory as well as libido. Serotonin naturally converts, when you’re sleeping at night to melatonin – a hormone that encourages restfulness.

The only people who are cautioned to consult with a doctor before trying the ‘weighted blanket therapy’ are those who have respiratory or circulatory disorders. For the rest of us, especially the anxiety-ridden night owls, it may be the ticket to sweet dreams.