The world is going green and so is the transportation industry. A London-based manufacturing firm ‘GoCycle’ has developed a new version of their electric bikes – a new greener version!

The newly launched bikes, named G4-electric bike, are lightweight, have small wheels, mudguards, lights, and a lock. The bike has a one-of-a-kind design and innovative functions. Its mid-frame is made of handcrafted carbon fiber, while the front frame is made of hydro formed aluminum, which houses the cycle’s magnetically contained pedal gear. This advanced manufacturing technology is smaller, and requires fewer resources than carbon fabrication. It has folding pedals with two single-sided supporting wheels included too. It is easily portable and a delight to ride. Moreover, the G4 cycle was designed in such a way that it can be charged in under three hours.

What’s interesting is that GoCycle has created a fascinating app that allows you to process with the touch of a smartphone. In their G4 electric bikes, GoCycle provides an innovative feature called Gocycle Connect App, which provides cyclists with a radically distinct experience. This application allows you to build unique settings that are tailored to your riding style.

Here are some characteristics of the app listed below.

Provide a Reward

When the user reaches the important milestones for each km they ride, this application contains a feature of offering performance reward incentives.

Create Events and Challenges

You may create your own events and challenges, as well as participate in global events, with its adaptable software. Create your own challenges and establish your own goals to keep yourself motivated.

Offer Celebration

This app can be used as a celebration, allowing you to share your accomplishments while also acknowledging your development.

Set Routes

You may construct your own routes, which you can share with your pals. The app gives interactive maps across the world where you can join like-minded bikers on their own virtual excursions.

Take command of your journey

Gocycle helps you reach virtually by assisting you in riding around Australia, allowing you to take control of your own adventure.

Recognize and Understand Your Levels

It also reveals the bikers’ skill level, from beginner to expert, so that members can tailor their routes to the demands of the cyclists.

The unique app opens up opportunities for people, allowing them not only to go green, but also to enjoy the ride with minimalistic features.