If you’re tired of long-haul flights stuck between passengers with limited mobility, cramped leg-room, noisy seat-mates and even crying babies, there’s no need to worry… For the ultimate in luxury in the friendly skies, Etihad Airways is giving you your very own ‘Residence’ — a deluxe home away from home.

Those who can afford it have been able to enjoy ‘Business’ and ‘First’ class amenities such as full-size beds and big-screen TVs with cabin crew at your every beck and call. However the ‘Residence’, available on all the airline’s A380 models, offers you a whole lot more in your very own private space. This five-star hotel room in the clouds includes a three-room suite comprising of a living room, dining room, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom with shower. All this on an area measuring 125 square feet.

Tech-savvy travelers won’t have the opportunity to get bored thanks to the 32-inch LED TV in the living room and 27-inch LED TV in the bedroom, both outfitted with the latest high-definition inputs. Power outlets and USB ports are also available to plug-in your laptop and other devices.

Though you may not even need to, as a state-of-the-art Panasonic Entertainment Center comes stock in every ‘Residence’. Just imagine watching ‘Goldfinger’ in surround sound or playing PS4 high in the sky!

Sadly, the best doesn’t come cheap… Etihad’s latest 5-star ‘Residence’will reportedly set you back a staggering $43,000 round-trip, if traveling between London and Abu Dhabi. But, if you’re among the lucky few for whom money is no object, be the first to check it out when the service becomes available in March 2015.