They’re chock-full of protein, but unlike meat, have zero cholesterol, so are a much healthier alternative. Packed with health friendly carbs and antioxidants, they inhibit cancer and keep your blood sugar stable.

Besides that, garbanzo, kidney, lima, pinto and black-eyed beans are simply delicious. Whether combined with a salad, packed in a taco, a Heinz breakfast side or a main meal, there’s no denying their culinary appeal.

However, we all know the one BIG problem with these little rascals – they’re out to embarrass us. The unpleasant flatulence associated with beans is not an old wives’ tale but a reality. It happens because our system finds it hard to break down some of the complex sugars they contain. But here’s how you can enjoy your beans without worrying about the ‘wind factor’:

1. Add Apple Cider Vinegar. When you’re boiling beans, add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the last fifteen minutes. It’ll break down the starch and allow better absorption in your intestine. Squeezing lemon juice over cooked beans also helps.

2. Combine with Leafy Greens. Having beans with leafy green vegetables or salads works better for your digestive process than having them on their own.

3. Add Spices That Aid Digestion. Turmeric and cumin work wonders with reducing the ‘gassy’ effect of beans, as do powdered or fresh coriander and ginger.

4. Take Time To Chew. The digestive process begins not in your stomach but in your mouth, so if you take a few seconds longer to chew each forkful of beans, you’re helping your system to cope better with the workload of digesting them.