Drinking eight glasses of water a day (or at least that’s what all the health journals tell you) can be, honestly speaking, a bit of a drag. But product designer and inventor Isaac Levi seems to have come up with a fun solution — it’s all about using the ‘Right Cup’.

When you take a sip of your favorite soda or juice, your olfactory sense determines the pleasure you get from it. The nose detects the aroma and sends signals to your brain, which then co-ordinates with your tongue to conjure up the specific taste of your drink.

The Right Cup is using that concept to trick your mind and senses into making plain water seemingly taste like juice or soda. For those watching sugar intake and calories (as we all should), this naughty new invention is a heaven-sent gift.

The Right Cup’s polymer lining comes infused with any four scents of your choice – lemon-lime, apple, orange, or mixed berries. You can even buy the whole range to add variety to your daily drinks.

But like all good things, it comes with a steep price-tag. The Right Cup costs $35 a-piece, but it’s a good investment for those wanting to drop the soda/juice habit and switch to healthy H2O.