The Karachi Eat Food Festival 2016 got off to a rocking start on Friday with mega-brands, restaurants, and catering houses coming together from across the city.

For a third year running, the lawns at Frere Hall mobilized foodies from across Pakistan, with many flying in especially for the 3-day event. Now, with just one-day left to go, we give you a rundown of five stalls you must visit this Karachi Eat Festival:

5. Khao Dosa
Just watching these guys prep a dosa is a treat for the eyes. Crunchy, fresh, and full of zest, Khao Dosa’s dosa party is one you have to attend while you still have the chance. The long line can seem like a bit of a put-off but once you get your hands on your piping hot dosa you’ll realize it was worth the wait.

4. Fatso’s
As a sandwich-lover Fatso’s grilled cheese sandwich with beef shortribs, chedder cheese and green chili mayo, made for a party in my mouth. A good size serving bursting with flavor, Fatso’s sandwich is filling but leaves you with enough room to try the other things on offer.

3. Desi Gali
For those looking to satisfy their desi food cravings ‘Desi Gali’ is a must-visit this year. Their “Pattay ki Chaat” and “Paani Puri Special” are an ode to Karachi street-flavor, and their Kashmiri chai is simply THE BOMB! Day 1 posed a bit of a challenge in terms of slow service but today ‘Desi Gali’ was pumping out specials like a well-oiled machine.

2. China Kitchen
Two words: Crab Rangoon. China Kitchen’s Crab Rangoon is so f***ing good we went back not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR TIMES for these crispy fried cheese and crab-filled wontons from heaven.

  1. Breast & Loin
    First timers Breast & Loin are a testament to the fact that it’s better to do a few things well, than to offer to broad range of average choices. A simple menu with your choice of either a grilled chicken sandwich with tomato and coriander relish or a prime steak sandwich with rocket and dijon mustard, Breast and Loin’s Karachi Eat debut has taken the city by storm!