Summers in the plains and lowlands of Pakistan are synonymous with soaring temperatures. This time of year shouts out to trekkers and nature lovers alike, to travel up north in the realms of nature which offers unparalleled beauty to those in search of it.

Kaghan valley ranks as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the country with people pouring in from within and outside the territory of Pakistan. Shogran, located at 2362 meters above sea level, is just one picturesque paradise in the valley which should be placed on the bucket list of each and every nature fanatic.

The artistry of this small hamlet if not seen once in a lifetime is like not eating Pakistani mangoes during the summer. To understand what the term ‘lush green’ actually refers to you must visit Shogran, which embodies the essence of nature along with multiple facets and hues of the color green. With mostly overcast skies, residents and tourists get to witness light and heavy showers of rain every now and again.

With affordable roadside eating places that offer the most scrumptious foods right off the grill along with a list of delectable chicken dishes, are enough to spoil any foodies’ appetite.

Lodging is not much of a problem either, with construction of new hotels and motels which have made it easy for vacationers to have a memorable experience.

As evening draws in, residents and out-of-towners together gather around the Shogran Park located in the heart of the hamlet. With greenery enveloping you from all sides and the sound of music reverberating from nearby kiosks, children can be seen playing cricket accompanied by elders taking shots of the majestic mountain peaks that shroud this vale.

Mother Nature’s architecture in the form of Musa ka Musalla (4419m), Makra peak (3885m) and Malika-e-Parbat (5290m) form a ringside view that keeps onlookers locked up in mystification.

The track that goes from Balakot to Shogran is not properly constructed which with its sharp turns, steep ascent and the never-ending brakes leaves travelers dumbfounded. But all the risks are worth enduring for the postcard views one gets to witness upon reaching this gorge as they can only be done justice when seen with your own eyes.