Human beings have a tendency to cling on to things for emotional security, even those that give them no joy, but impact their lives negatively.

Psychologists say that ‘loving your pain’ bars the way to a productive and happy life, so start the cutting process now.

1. Regretting past mistakes. Regret about follies in the past is a good thing but when it takes over your present, you’ll never be able to step into the future. Forgive yourself and move on.

2. Toxic people. Those who add nothing but negativity to your environment and relationships may have bitter battles to fight, but the battles are theirs; not yours. If they’re poisoning your life, they need to be cut adrift – stat!

3. The need to be right. Let go of trying to win every argument; no one can always be right. Learn to listen instead, and you’ll pick up new perspectives, which will make you wiser, even in dissent.

4. Feeling sorry for yourself. The ‘martyr complex’ is a very dangerous thing indeed, so be wary of too much self-sympathy. Instead of blaming others, find the positives in your life and build up a happy existence around them.

5. Trying to impress everyone. It’s an impossible task, as there’s no way you can please everyone. Be the best ‘you’, you can be and be satisfied that that’s enough, because done honestly, it’s quite an achievement.

6. Limiting beliefs. Let go of trying to set parameters of belief for others as well as yourself. There are many paths that lead to the Divine Truth, don’t waste your time trying to obstruct others, but embark on your own journey of discovery and let others find their own path.

7. Worrying about the future. Remember the song ‘Que Sera Sera’? – important life lesson – “what will be, will be”. Let go of anxiety about something you have little or no control over and just enjoy the moment.