Dutch Docklands, a company founded in the Netherlands, has become a global visionary in ‘floating developments’ and their latest hotel will showcase absolutely spectacular views of the Northern Lights. The Krystall is a hotel shaped like an elaborate snowflake which will float in the middle of a Norwegian fjord. It will be closest to the city of Tromsø, a popular tourist destination famous for its proximity to the Northern Lights. Through the construction of The Krystall, viewing of this natural phenomenon will be taken one step further, as guests will be able to see the display through the glass ceilings of their rooms.

The hotel will be 120 meters in diameter and will boast 86 five-star bedrooms, a conference room, a gym and even a spa. The Huffington Post reports that the hallways will be dotted with “futuristic blue shapes”, the conference room will contain “Jetson-style seating” and the building will have a “fireplace with transparent bricks.” Guests and staff will only have to access the breathtaking structure by boat as it is strategically placed within the Arctic Circle. What’s even more revolutionary about this concept is that it will be self-sustainable, self-supporting and will have virtually no effect on the environment.

“If you take the hotel away after 100 years or so it will not leave any physical footprint. That is the only way to bring developments to such a precious and beautiful marine environment in Norway,” said Head Architect Koen Olthuis.

The concept for this stunning floating hotel was originally envisioned in 2008 but due to the financial crisis at the time, no action was taken to bring the project to life. Now however, construction has been given the green light and is set to begin in 2015. If everything goes according to plan The Krystall will be welcoming guests by late 2016. The Dutch Docklands group is currently working on a resort in the Maldives called Ocean Flower, which, according to The Verge has 185 waterfront villas, a golf course and its own private islands.

When talking about the design for the hotel, Olthuis said “[the] key for the Krystall’s design [is] that it should be a simple glass building that would allow guests to get the most spectacular view on the Northern Lights from their beds.”