Bring in a gora franchise and all of a sudden, “Scene on Hai!” Such was the demand, or so we thought… We Karachiites normally like to do things with panache and flair, but always with a “desi” twist to it. Call us “burgers” or the crème de la crème, the fact is, you can take us out of Karachi, but you can’t take the Karachi out of us. With that very notion in mind, Karachi recently saw the birth of Sattar Buksh; a place where parathas and nutella come together in perfect harmony for a little taste of heaven, accompanied of course, with a garma garam chai.

It’s not Starbucks; it’s even better! From Bond Street in London to Dumo Square in Milan, Sattar Buksh has such an eclectic vibe that every high-flying Karachiite simply revels in it.

They say you have to choose, but what if the best of both worlds can come to you on a platinum platter? Well that’s exactly what Sattar Buksh seeks to do. You are a class apart and we completely respect that; Sattar Buksh (with its desi mustache) aims to provide you with a serene atmosphere to just “let go of it all!”

Hungry for a socially conscious movement? Or looking for a quick rendezvous to discuss the current political state of the country? Swing by Sattar Buksh and spend an evening that will fuel your mind, body and soul with “khubani ka meetha” and your favorite spiced chamomile tea.

We Karachiites have an identity… An originality that is embedded deep within our souls that no matter where we live or which strata of society we belong to, Sattar Buksh is there to celebrate!