When you’re in the mood for a quick snack in Karachi, there is no better way to satisfy your cravings than grab a roll from many of the roll places in town. Over the past two decades, roll places have opened up in all parts of the city and have become very popular. We give you five of the best roll places in Karachi. Make sure you are well fed, because after reading this you will be making a call to these places to order your favorite roll.

Red Apple

If anything Khadda Market in Defence Phase 4 is famous for, it’s the roll shops. One of the most famous ones is Red Apple. This outlet has been around since the 90s and offers some of the best prices and menu when it comes to rolls. Whether it is the perennial favorite Chicken Garlic Mayo roll or the regular Chicken Chatni, you can’t go wrong. If you prefer red meat, then beef options are available. Once you enter Khadda, you will be swarmed by waiters from Red Apple, so give it a shot, we guarantee you’ll be back for more.

A-One Snacks

Before Red Apple became one of the hottest roll joints, Karachiites would flock to A-One snacks in Defence Phase 2. These are the guys who pioneered the Chicken Chatni roll. This is where it all began. The quality has not dropped since I first had a taste in the 90s and the place always reminds me of my teenage years.

Biryani Express

It is one of the newest joints in town.  Besides offering excellent Biryani at some incredible prices, their rolls are second to none. If you decide to order, then go for the Chicken Tikka Garlic Mayo Roll. It is the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures because it is loaded with carbs!


Eaton is a stone’s throw away from A-One Snacks. Both offer similar options but they Eaton has some interesting selections including Chicken Big Roll, Chicken Big Cheese Roll and Chicken Big Mayo Garlic Roll. So if you are looking for an alternative to A-One Snacks, then try Eaton. They also have a branch in Sindhi Muslim Society.

Hot N Spicy

Hot N Spicy is a Karachi favorite. It is located in the same vicinity as Red Apple. However, if you do give Hot N Spicy a try, then their best is the Chicken Behari Kabab Roll. It is out of this world and two of those are more than enough for a full meal. The other options such as Mayo Garlic and Chatni are equally good. It has been around since the 90s and the quality has held up well.