If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of in this city, it’s choices! French, Italian, Indian, Turkish, Lebanese you name it, other than a good burrito, there’s no cuisine you won’t find here.

Of course, when it comes to Pakistani taste buds, few cuisines are closer to our heart than Chinese. But with such a plethora of options, how does one go about choosing the best?

Our ratings relied on a five-point checklist: portion, presentation, flavor, consistency and value for money. We sampled countless restaurants across the city, in our search for the Top 5. It was a bloating experience… but the results were totally worth it!

5. Ming Court
Three items on the Ming Court menu warrant it a place on Karachi’s Top 5 Chinese Restaurants List – Butterfly Prawns, Crispy Chicken, and the Spicy Mongolian Beef – that’s not to say other items on the menu don’t deserve a mention, but if it’s your first time at Ming Court and you’re looking for something special then these three items are the way to go.

4. Lotus Court
Many say Lotus Court was the best Chinese food in Karachi throughout the 90’s. Located in what used to be the Sheraton Hotel (Movenpick today) the restaurant was unceremoniously shutdown (God knows why). Now, after countless impostors failed to match its success, it’s back, and if the food is anything to go by it’s here to stay!

3. China Town
Located near Bilawal House in Clifton, China Town is a hot favourite among Karachiites — and for good reason. When it comes to old school Desi-Chinese food this place is tha BOMB! Arguably the best Beef Chili Dry and Flavor Chicken in Karachi, China Town’s Secret Menu is this city’s best kept secret.

2. China Kitchen
Let me put it this way… If you’re a prisoner on death row, and the prison warden comes to ask you what you want for your last meal, China Kitchen’s Crab Rangoon would be a worthy choice! These crispy fried cheese and crab-filled wontons from heaven will leave you feeling satisfied in more ways than one.

  1. Yuan Tung
    Speaking of number one, here it is… After hours spent driving around and thousands of rupees spent gorging on all the Chinese goodness this city has to offer, we found it — this city’s Best Chinese Restaurant for 2016 is none other than Yuan Tung. Huge portions, great prices and an old-school charm that you just can’t beat!