Asian cuisine is considered to be full of different spices, aromas and textures. Also known as pan-Asian cuisine, Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean primarily. It could be the taste, the smell, and the choice of protein or the countless curries. However, one thing is for certain, Pakistanis love Asian food!

As always, our ratings relied on a five-point checklist: portion, presentation, flavor, consistency and value for money.

5. Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon seems like the go to for most Chinese delivery orders these days. Wherever you go you see a Golden Dragon rider delivering food to somebody’s door step. Quintessentially Pakistani Chinese, Golden Dragon appeals to most due to its generous helpings and gravy laden dishes which make it a definite choice for large family dinners that are easy on the wallet.

4. Fuchsia
Fuchsia is currently only available through but man is it good! Offering a unique mix of Asian cuisine (leaning on Thai) Fuchsia always hit the mark whatever the order. It may be a little on the expensive side considering the limited portion size but boy does the flavor stand out in each and every bite. The spicy beef in Kachai sauce, chili crab, thick red curry and the green tea ice cream are all a must try!

3. China Kitchen
China Kitchen has a clear focus to their menu, Chinese… And they’re damn good at it. Offering a unique menu both in options and taste (compared to all other Chinese restaurants out there) China Kitchen offers some great treats. Let me put it this way… If you’re a prisoner on death row, and the prison warden comes to ask you what you want for your last meal, China Kitchen’s Crab Rangoon would be a worthy choice! These crispy fried cheese and crab-filled wontons from heaven will leave you feeling satisfied in more ways than one. The Hot & Sour soup is definitely worth a try and they get bonus points for having Crispy Aromatic Duck on the menu.

2. Chairman Mao
Chairman Mao does it all (almost)… Offering sushi, Thai curries and Chinese food; this joint covers most east-Asian cuisine. Delivering all over Karachi Chairman Mao provides a good one stop solution for friends and family that are craving various things. Always good on quality and quantity some might say it’s the most popular delivery in the city. The Mao Beef in Black Bean and sushi are absolutely fantastic and a must try if you haven’t already!

  1. Orient Express
    Dishes that use the best ingredients and pack serious amounts of flavor are bound to be #1. With a clean and fresh taste to almost every dish, Orient Express is just ahead of Chairman Mao as the best Asian food delivery in town. With a focus on Thai and Chinese cuisine, Orient Express ensures consistency in taste every time while simultaneously making sure the customer is served hearty portions as well. Stand out menu items include the Chicken Khao suey, Spicy Wontons, Beef Chili dry and the Thai Red Curry. Try any of these recommendations and you’ll know why Orient comes in at No 1.