Oranges are arguably the most popular fruit across the world. From tiny mandarins originating from China, to clementines, kinoos and the coveted red-blood, oranges come in many shapes and sizes, and a variety of citrus flavours, and hardly any other fruit can compare with the tang they add to juices, salads, sides, mains and desserts.

But besides being just plain delicious, oranges are also a boon to your health. Here’s how:

  1. They boost immunity. The benefits of Vitamin C in raising immunity against all kinds of infections, especially colds and flu, have been proven by research. A single orange can provide you with 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement and give you protection from disease.

2. They’re great for your skin. Just like wood or metal gets damaged by exposure to the elements, so does our skin. Being out in the sun and exposure to polluted air wreaks havoc on it with each passing year. The antioxidants and Vitamin C in oranges slow down the ageing process, helping you look and feel younger.

3. They reduce cholesterol levels. Diets consisting of processed foods and sedentary lifestyles encourage the accumulation of LDL or bad cholesterol in the arteries. Oranges contain flavinoids like hespederin, which reduce LDL levels and prevents arteries from clogging – saving you from heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

4. They make your brain sharper. Oranges contain folic acid and folate, which help your brain to develop greater focus and increase your concentration levels, while at the same time preventing neurological disorders.

5. They’re good for your hair. If you’re already dreading the prospect of baldness, oranges could be your savior. Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, which is a great nutrient not only for your skin but also your hair, keeping your crowning glory healthy and strong.