Karachi’s Dolmen Mall is home to several popular fast food chains including Fatburger, Gloria Jeans and Burger King. More recently though another piece of American pop culture has found its way to the Clifton shopping center.

Known all over the world for their juicy burgers, sublime sandwiches, delicious milkshakes and malts, Johnny Rockets provides visitors with a classic “diner experience” like straight out of Pulp Fiction. Entering the restaurant, one is immediately transported to America in the 50s, when diners would play Elvis tunes on the jukebox and waiters would serve you dancing to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

If it’s your first visit, it’s recommended to try any of their gourmet burgers. The Original, Smokehouse or Houston are all great options to start with, and come with a sideline of fries. The burgers and sandwiches are quite filling and seriously scrumptious.

The malts and shakes are also must-haves as they capture the rich taste of thick shakes traditionally served in American diners. Flavors are plentiful and can be mixed and matched in accordance with your taste. The shakes are hand-spun, hand-dipped and served in an oversized glass. Since the entire shake doesn’t fit the glass waiters also give you a jug for refills.

Prices are fairly equitable to upscale dining establishments and depending on what you order; you can expect to pay between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per head. The prices may be a bit steep, but for those looking for an All-American old school dining experience, look no further than Johnny Rockets!