A long waiting list — 20,000 bookings so far, has affirmed that the world’s first ‘naked’ restaurant, Bunyadi, a limited time pop-up opening in Central London this June, is definitely going to be a hit.

The restaurant website promises an ideal gastronomical paradise, “free from phones, electric lights, and even clothing (optional)”, that will return clients to the ‘basics’ of an enjoyable eating-out experience.

Bunyadi, claiming to take its name from Urdu and Hindi origins meaning fundamentals or basics, is owned by the firm Lollipop, which recently opened ABQ London, a Breaking Bad-themed cocktail bar.

Both vegan and non-vegan items will be featuring on the menu, and reportedly, everything’s going to be cooked on a wooden fire. Discreet bamboo screens will offer privacy to clients, and a changing room will cater to the needs of diners who want to shed their clothes (and their inhibitions). In case you’re not inclined to do both, there’s a ‘conformist’ clothed section too.

According to Seb Lyall and the team behind the concept, the “idea is to experience true liberation”. Just be careful while enjoying your ‘freedom’ not to spill hot soup on your lap!