On an average, projected rates for hotel bookings go up by 15-20% every year. Since you’re shelling out a substantial amount of your travel budget on hotel accommodation, it’s wise to consider getting your money’s worth.

When booking, don’t just look at the rate per night, factor in the other perks that many hotels now provide like free breakfast, tea and coffee, and unlimited WiFi access. The bowls of fruit are welcome too. It’s the little things that add up.

Book in a business-friendly hotel. The hotels that professionals frequent often drop their rates when business is slow, and there’s more freebies added on too.

Avoid weekends if you can. Hotels sometimes raise their rates on Fridays and Saturdays  to almost three times the charge on weekdays if business is good. If your schedule is flexible then take advantage and travel on a Sunday, staying on for the week at a much lower charge.

Consider upgrading to a suite if your party is large. These include numerous bedrooms and allow you much more space than adjoining or separate rooms. Also, ask for a corner room; this will not save you cash but will allow you some extra space as corner rooms are usually larger.

Save during your stay. Room service promises luxurious living but it comes at a price, the meals often cost much more than you’d spend on eating out. Pack in a few snacks before you travel; the tab on the minibar items also seems like daylight robbery at times. Spend the cash you save on enjoying your time outside the hotel.

Being a rewards member always pays off. If you opt to stay in the same hotel or chain of hotels, you’ll be rewarded with lots of fringe benefits, like upgrades or even free nights. The hotels will send you updates on deals that they may be offering, and you can plan to get the max for your money.